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The website developers and the business owners who need a website are mostly at negotiating terms as how to determine prices for a particular job in hand. The development of a website can cost a business owner differently based on her/his decision to hire a freelancer or to hire an agency.

It’s important for both the parties that the requirements of projects are analysed before hand to avoid negotiations at later stages of project and then the pricing can be done transparently. There are number of factors that affect the pricing of a website.

The commonly known factors are:

  • 1. Size of website
  • 2. Type of website
  • 3. Specific Requirements of the project (complexity)
  • 4. Developer’s profile

There are numerous things that can be done with a website. With variation in the type of website (Small Business Website, E-commerce Website Development, Personal/Political/ News/ Corporate/ Online Payment Websites), cost will vary significantly. Very specific requirements of a client lead to increased complexity and that affects cost. Another thing, a freelancer might charge differently than a professional Web Development Company.

What a business owner needs to understand is that the cost cannot be based solely on number of developers and the number of hours the project took; the above factors should also be counted. Moreover, the utility of the websites and the outcomes of investment on website affect the cost; a website that boosts your business can’t always be too cheap or too expensive, you need to understand the economics behind that.

Pricing for Website Development can be done in following ways:

  • 1. Flat rate
  • 2. Per Hour Charges
  • 3. Monthly charges

Each of these has benefits and drawbacks and one option can be chosen among these depending upon the type and duration of the project. Big projects require more time and can fetch a month-wise payment whereas small websites can be done at a flat rate (project wise). Per hour charges may not be the best option always but it suits well for projects where the development process has been defined in advance. Flat rates are preferable when you are willing to receive project by project payments.

We will discuss these options further in our upcoming blog Best Ways To Pay For Website Development.

Stimulus Cloud is a Website Development Company in Indore, we also design and develop E-Commerce Websites. We analyse the project requirements before deciding the website price. Although, we believe in Customer satisfaction so the method of pricing chosen according to our Client’s comfort.

Our expert website development team focuses on providing excellent SEO Friendly websites; Which makes Stimulus Cloud one of the best Web Development Company In Indore.

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